Your DNA holds all the answers to your smart dieting and fitness. Find out what your DNA has to say!

Each step brings you to a healthier life. Join GenoVive, let your DNA guide your way.

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GenoVive corperates and helps our professional partners on providing their clients with customized weight loss options.  

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"I went from a 42, tight, to a 36 (pant size), and believe me, I was getting ready to go 44. " 
-Ernie Meisner, former NOPD
 "I never had someone who have been on a program looked directly into your eyes and say:no, I would never put this weight back on."
-Beverly Swango, RD 
"Genes make you tall, short, eyes blue or brown, genes also determine how food and body fat are stored or burned.....when and even if your brain will signal you are full...
...If genes don't work properly, no matter how much you diet, you won't have the same response with someone with healthy genes, so the concept of a diet based on your genes is sound. "
-Meg Farris, WWL Medical Reporter