Your DNA holds all the answers to your smart dieting and fitness. Find out what your DNA has to say!

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Weight Loss Through a Scientific Method – What Is It And How Does It Work?

With the entire world worrying about their figures and the secret tips to remain healthy, there are a number of methods coming into the market to help them achieve success as a whole. Controlling your weight is very beneficial for your body and can lower cholesterol, help with diabetes, hypertension and much more. However, the million dollar question remains: Which weight loss method is right for you? Diets designed as a one-size-fits all don’t work equally for everyone; that’s a fact. Looking at your DNA as a roadmap can help you find the answers you are looking for. 


Your DNA Report – How it can help you reveal the truth about your body 

Your DNA sample offers valuable insight regarding your unique metabolism. When physicians combine your personal information like your age, gender, weight and height with your genetic test results, they can determine the exercise plan and the diet chart that will work best for your body. How? Your personal weight management genetic profile report will show results for each genetic marker that they test, making it easier to understand your body’s metabolism. GenoVive, a new solution in weight loss,has spent valuable time researching the topic. Since its inception it has created diet and exercise programs to fit your dietary needs. The goal of GenoVive is to give you the required information needed so you can implement new lifestyle choices and achieve fitness and health goals. 

What is the science behind GenoVive?

You must be wondering how GenoVive uses a simple process in determining which diet is best for you; it all stars with an easy cheek swab. Your DNA sample is analyzed in a lab and the respective results are processed using a genetic algorithm that analyzes the cumulative effect of 17 genetic markers. These markers will reveal how you metabolize the nutrients into your diet.The genetic test results are used to optimize the level of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in your diet. The perfect mixture of such macronutrients is key to experiencing best energy levels and successful weight management. Customized home-delivered meal programs are created to work with your unique metabolism standards. 

Getting the right kind of fuel

In some ways, your metabolism is almost like an engine. In order to run an engine with its peak efficiency, it will need the best quality fuel and air in the correct proportion. In a similar way, your body requires optimal mix of some of the highest quality macronutrients. You can locate the right grade of fuel (here macronutrients) and optimize your health performance by speaking to your genetic profile.

An exercise plan helpful for you

A regular exercise routine is vital to continue to live a healthy life. Exercise and proper nutrition go hand in hand and should be considered essential parts of your weight loss journey.  GenoVive’s report includes an exercise report; your exercise plan will involve a cardio-vascular warm up and a series of conditioning exercises that are designed to help you build muscle while burning off calories and fat at the same time. Always remember to consult your physician before starting any vigorous exercise program.

There are no miracles when it comes to being healthy; you are the key to success. With the help of your genetic makeup you can achieve your goals and live an active lifestyle. For more information on this product and to read successful stories, you may visit" 

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"I went from a 42, tight, to a 36 (pant size), and believe me, I was getting ready to go 44. " 
-Ernie Meisner, former NOPD
 "I never had someone who have been on a program looked directly into your eyes and say:no, I would never put this weight back on."
-Beverly Swango, RD 
"Genes make you tall, short, eyes blue or brown, genes also determine how food and body fat are stored or burned.....when and even if your brain will signal you are full...
...If genes don't work properly, no matter how much you diet, you won't have the same response with someone with healthy genes, so the concept of a diet based on your genes is sound. "
-Meg Farris, WWL Medical Reporter